The Hair Color That Sort Of Suits All Idols

Light pink. For real, looking at the idols who’s dyed their hair to this color, I think they all suit it. I am worried for their scalp, but this really makes them look mysterious like a fairy. If you have pictures of other idols, give them out! 1. How can you leave...

Sharing GIFs of Female Idols With Half Up Hairstyles

I’m sharing all of the half up hairstyle GIFs that I’ve saved this whole time. Y’all, please post lots of pretty GIFs too~~ 1. 3 2. 36 3. 47 4. 46 5. 35 6. Sana 7. 14 8. Nayeon 4 9. 22 10. 26 11. 55

Idol Makeups Are Fxxking Intense..

I saw this picture and thought ‘wow isn’t this eye makeup too heavy?’ But when I saw the teaser image, the makeup’s all gone………. Seems like the lighting is really strong………….. I kinda knew about this, but it surprised me once again. 1. If it’s an ordinary person, their eyes nose lips...