I saw this picture and thought ‘wow isn’t this eye makeup too heavy?’

But when I saw the teaser image, the makeup’s all gone……….

Seems like the lighting is really strong…………..

I kinda knew about this, but it surprised me once again.


1. [+81][-1] If it’s an ordinary person, their eyes nose lips and ears would all be gone.

2. [+66][-4] This was from the same day.

3. [+53][-4] Fxxk, this is so damn dope. Is PENTAGON coming back??

4. [+43][-0] The makeup disappears the moment the lighting is turned on.

5. [+39][[-0] If you think your face doesn’t look too bad, go to a beauty salon that celebs go one day and try on a celeb-makeup, you’ll turn into a different person kekekekekekekekekeke I’ve tried it before.

6. [+27][-2] No but even under such strong lighting they still have to keep their eyes open..? Idol is really an extreme occupation *trembles

7. [+16][-0] This is the pic of Hyungwonie mentioned by a comment below // This is not a stage makeup, he was doing a photoshoot for Urban Decay~~~ He looks so so handsome no matter what..

8. [+13][-0] Even the eyes nose lips and ears are all gone.

9. [+13][-0] Heol.. it’s really all gone.

10. [+11][-0] For real, idols put on makeup that’s a few times heavier than what you see on TV. If you think about the broadcast camera and lighting, they have to do that. Even those with prominent features look different on TV, everything just disappears. 

11. [+9][-0] Even the makeup on brides are super heavy if you look closely, but when they take pictures it doesn’t look heavy at all. The lighting for idols is even stronger, so their makeup must be way heavier.