Am I the Only One Who Becomes Like that With an Ordinary Camera…?

The distortion is so bad to the point where it makes me wonder if it’s the same person as the one I see in a mirror… 

When I look in the mirror, I go ‘pretty~’. But in pictures taken with an ordinary camera, my eyes become smaller + my nose becomes bigger + the asymmetry is super obvious. I become so fxxking ugly. Is anyone like me too?

I’m really not exaggerating, I really look like that in pictures kekekekeke


1. [+527][-3] But it’s freaking amazing… My friend’s face in the mirror is the face that I know. My friend’s face in pics taken with the rear camera is the face that I know. Not just that, my friend’s face in an edited selfie is also the face that I know.

2. [+454][-5] No but seriously, I’m so curious about which one’s my real face. Actually, I don’t care about my real face. If my face in pics taken with a camera is the face that my friends see, I’d get hit so hard by reality.

3. [+267][-2] I look pretty on the screen before taking a selfie but when I press the button and take a selfie, the selfie looks weird – is anyone like this too?? It feels kinda weird so after taking the selfie I immediately go to my gallery to check, and the selfie really looks different from what I saw before taking it, even the colour tone.

4. [+144][-3] Me too..ㅜ Seeing this makes me realise how pretty celebrities are.

5. [+89][-1] Agreed.. The asymmetry is the greatest shock..ㅠ When I look in the mirror it doesn’t look serious though.