A Body You Want vs 1 Billion

Be born with a face and body you want –

just like how you can customize your character in a game, you can tweak the settings for every little thing about your entire body, like your hair, skin type, body hair, pupil color, etc.

vs Just receive a billion KRW


1. [+29][-0] The former, 100%. I think I’d be making a lot more than 1 billion with that.

2. [+14][-0] I pick 1 billion

3. [+14][-0] ‘A native Korean who looks like a doll’ < If you decide to use this title and start this whole image consumption thing, funnily you’ll earn 1 billion.

4. [+8][-1] Y’all be treating a billion KRW like the price of gum keke What’s the use of being born with the body and face I want? If I don’t work hard, it’s useless kekeke Celebrities who make billions of billions with their ‘wannabe face and body’ earn that money because they work damn hard. Y’all think it’s easy only because you’re oversimplifying things keke

5. [+5][-0] I’ll just take the 1 billion. Even now, I can live a decent life and there are things in life that I’m satisfied with, but first I need money.. money