Light pink.

For real, looking at the idols who’s dyed their hair to this color, I think they all suit it.

I am worried for their scalp, but this really makes them look mysterious like a fairy.

If you have pictures of other idols, give them out!


1. [+227][-49] How can you leave out Na Jaemin, our pink-haired fairy.

2. [+174][-29] Our precious

3. [+82][-7] Pink hair is really…. you can’t leave out cherry blossom Hyungwon

4. [+72][-7] Chae Hyungwon

5. [+67][-4] If you’re talking about pink hair, its Na Jaemin.

6. [+65][-10] Yoon Jeonghan

7. [+64][-5] .