Looking at This, Dior Really has a Strong Preference

After making a compilation of the 5 Dior ambassadors, it seems like they really have a strong preference


2. Suzy

3. Kim Yeonah (Kim Yuna)

4. Sehun

5. Nam Joohyuk

They’re in charge of different areas, like Beauty/Global

These 5 seem to have similar images but at the same time they each have their own charms/individualities

I think what’s common between them is their pure and innocent vibe? Haha

Looks different, but feels similar

And look at how elegant Yeonah is……….

Insane, seriously


1. [+175][-67] Suzy’s tall and she’s also really pretty in a refreshing way

2. [+104][-0] I don’t really know about the male celebs, but I feel like there’s something common between Jisoo, Suzy and Kim Yuna – they’re all like princesses.

3. [+94][-33] Tbh Sehun doesn’t suit Dior… I think he suits Chanel more

4. [+91][-83] Suzy and Kim Yuna are really perfect matches with Dior.. Although Jisoo’s good too

5. [+71][-19] Sehun’s really different though..????