Come and Recommend a Hidden Spot in Seoul!


From today onwards, I’m planning to write recommendations for hidden tourist attractions / travel destinations / places in each region

I’ll post the name / feature / photo (I found online) of different places in the comments!

Please check them out❤️


1. [+149][-0] A local here keeping an eye on this in real time

2. [+141][-6] This is the pedestrian flyover in front of Hangang Elementary School. Photos of Namsan Tower that often come up on Instagram are taken here.

3. [+126][-2] This is better than Instagram ads, really

4. [+95][-5] This is the Baekbin Crossing in Yongsan-gu. It is famous as the place where the drama ‘My Mister’ was filmed. There are many old buildings and good restaurants around, so the vibe is great.

5. [+77][-2] This is Starbucks Kyungdong 1960 in Dongdaemun-gu. Apparently the old theatre in Kyungdong Market was remodelled. The old look of the theatre still remains as it is!

6. [+66][-1] It’s good to take a walk along the Gyeongchun Line Forest Trail in front of Seoul Women’s University. You can board one of the old trains here and there is a small museum(?) too.

7. [+49][-0] This is the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan-gu! This staircase is a really good place to see the sky and take pictures. This picture was taken by me.

8. [+38][-0] Wow, I opened Google Maps and saved everything. I really like this kind of post, seriously