I Thought Stray Kids Lee Know Does Not Have a JYPE Male Idol Kind of Face..

For some reason, it was a bit difficult to find any JYPE male idol senior who resembled him

Because in my mind, a typical JYPE male idol looks something like this

2PM Junho

GOT7 Jinyoung

DAY6 Wonpil

Instead of those really glamorous pretty boy kind of type, JYPE male idols look more ‘harmonious’ (?)

But when I first saw Lee Know, I went ‘Ehh? A kid who looks like this debuted under JYPE?’

But after seeing this tweet, I understand now

He doesn’t look like a typical JYPE male idol, but a typical JYPE female idol.

Does he not have the typical JYPE female idol bunny face?

I can see Sana in his face, and I can see a lot of TWICE members’ faces too

Overall, he just reminds me of the faces of many JYPE female idols

JYP is pretty consistent with his taste in a different sense.. LOLLL

Stray Kids SKZ TWICE


1. [+23][-3] Lee Know and Sana don’t look alike, but they seem to have the same image. But looking at them like this, maybe it’s because they look pretty. Rather than a male idol, he’s definitely more like a typical JYPE female idol who has bright eyes and looks like a bunny/kitten keke

2. [+17][-1] Bunny face

3. [+12][-1] Ehh, he really does look a lot like a JYPE female idol  

4. [+12][-1] He looks pretty. Personally, I am a ‘collector’ of pretty male idols, so I’m quite fond of him 

5. [+11][-1] This man’s nose is freaking awesome. But his eyes are awesome too. Oh dear, his lips and his jawline are awesome as well.