Look at aespa Karina’s Professionalism ㅠㅠ

Looking at her fancam at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon, her shoes were in that state right from the start, but she finished the choreography and all that. I really didn’t know until I saw her fancam. Apparently the sole of her shoe fell off. I think her poker face is amazing.


1. [+100][-2] Wtf is that slipshod manufacturing. Some shxt prolly happened in the process and they gave her fake low-quality shoes to wear, that’s why it ended up like that. What kind of boots have outsoles that can be torn off entirely? kekeke SM is just a complete asshole

2. [+54][-0] I’m glad she didn’t get hurt.. What to do if she fellㅜㅠ

3. [+52][-2] I didn’t even know her shoes were torn because I was busy looking at her face….

4. [+28][-5] Wah, is that reasonable? Karina is truly amazing..

5. [+22][-74] Bruh they gave her tall heels that were torn, her professionalism is insane kekeke It’s proportional to the amount of hate Karina receives