Jinni’s Departure is Sad As Well, But

It hurts my heart to think that a kid who was talented and had a lot of affection for the team would gradually be forgotten as NMIXX gains years of experience down the road ㅠㅠ Jinni represents the image of NMIXX though


1. [+60][-1] Even though they’ll never tell us why, I’m really curious…. I think I need to know the reason to understand and accept…

2. [+57][-2] Jinni really has the kind of face that gets prettier and classier as she gets older, wtf wtf… Please debut as an actress, for real

3. [+46][-0] I wonder what she’s doing right now… Has she already headed back home

4. [+41][-0] For real though, I thought Jinni was like NMIXX’s identity..

5. [+14][-0] For real, it feels strange to think that she’ll be forgotten… Let’s not talk about very far into the future, even just 2-3 years later, there will be people joining the fandom of NMIXX after Jinni’s gone, and mentions of her will disappear as well,,,,,