Watched the Behind-the-Scenes of Jungkook’s Recording. His Live Singing Skills are Crazy

✅Recording sketch of ‘Dreamers’

✅Recording sketch of ‘Left and Right’

✅Recording sketch of ‘Euphoria’

✅Recording sketch of ‘Bad Decision’


1. [+45][-3] The behind-the-scenes of his recordings is so good. BTS Jungkook sings really well. The CD ver. sounds almost the same as his voice when he’s recording. That’s why his live singing sounds like the CD ver.

2. [+45][-2] Amazing

3. [+42][-3] Wah! Jungkook’s vocal skills are amazing

4. [+38][-2] This vivid live singing is so great. I hope more of this will be released

5. [+33][-2] man-who-slays-his-job