BTS Jungkook Will Do a Solo Concert Right?

Jungkook, who likes being on stage and likes performances, is gonna hold a solo concert for sure, right? 

I hope that day comes soon

Jungkook ah!! I’m looking forward to it


1. [+69][-4] Definitely looking forward to it because I believe he’s gonna do it for sure

2. [+64][-5] Jungkook loves the stage so much – if he releases a solo album, I think he will definitely do a solo concert.. And in the past he said in the interview with WeVerse Magazine that he wanted to become a singer who could fill a 2-3 hour concert completely with songs

3. [+62][-5] I already think Jungkook’s gonna be cool and I already feel happy just imagining his solo concert. I wonder how amazing he’s gonna be – he’s Jeon Jungkook after all.

4. [+60][-5] Defo possible

5. [+57][-4] I wish he could do it. I really wanna watch his performances