What Do You Think About University Festivals??

When unis invite artists to come perform at a uni festival:

It’s uni students who pay tuition for that, why do high school students come then? – Upvote

Let’s just have fun together, what’s the problem? – Downvote

The pic’s there because it’s cute


1. [+193][-4] It doesn’t matter if people outside of our school come, but why do middle/high school students come when us adults are having fun;;

2. [+175][-1] It fxxking pisses me off if they pretend to be adults hanging around the bar.

3. [+157][-3] It doesn’t matter if they just watch the performances and leave, but they pretend to be adults and smoke and drink, I fxxking hate it when they pull that crap… I get fxxking pissed when these middle/high school bxxches try to start a fight too

4. [+88][-0] I don’t care if they come, but because it’s damn obvious they’re minors, I just hope they don’t go to the night market or in front of the pubs and I hope they don’t smoke kekeke If they go to the smoking area, anyone can tell they’re minors, it’s even more obvious

5. [+61][-0] It seems fine to hold a festival through raising other funds without touching tuition fees, like Yonsei Uni. Tbh, it’s a waste to spend tens of thousands (KRW) of student tuition on singers.