Does Jang Wonyoung Hate IU?

She’s the only one who just wouldn’t clap even until the end. A singer as senior as IU is basically a veteran though..

She covered IU’s song in the past and she received criticism saying she ruined it, even IU didn’t react to it, is that why she’s like this now?


1. [+990][-164] She doesn’t react unless she’s the spotlight

2. [+634][-72] If you watch that video, Jang Wonyoung was indeed the only one who just wouldn’t clap keke..

3. [+524][-78] But why didn’t she clap?

4. [+319][-333] There are way more times when she clapped, but now you’re going mad over her not clapping just once? LOLLLLL

5. [+177][-24] That’s just her original personality – queen of narcissism and pretence. She distinguishes very clearly times when she needs to appear nice and kind and times when she doesn’t. I’ve completely grasped her personality after seeing her for a few years.