The Idol Who Recognised a Homma After N Years Have Passed

BTS Jimin was doing a video fansign

It’s amazing how he remembers fans from a long time ago

“We’re meeting again after 4 years have gone by”

“So you still remember me~”


1. [+293][-9] Wow, he probably has millions of fans, but he remembers them.. That fan must have been so happy

2. [+269][-9] Wow, I would’ve cried if that was my idolㅜ That’s touching

3. [+259][-8] Wow.. I’m touched. If I were them, I would’ve been crying and unable to talk. Jimin is a sweetheart.

4. [+240][-10] Is the fan still alive? If it were me, I would’ve fainted

5. [+234][-7] Daebak, must’ve been super heart-fluttering