Dispatch Said Lee Dohyun & Lim Jiyeon Who Starred in <The Glory> are Dating

Not an April Fools bait

Lee Dohyun’s a 95-liner and Lim Jiyeon’s a 90-liner

Age gap

<The Glory> Yeonjin❤️Yeojeong


1. [+695][-4] “Dongeun ah, I’m gonna try to steal your most precious thing from you”

2. [+592][-11] No but like, my worldview kinda collapsed…..

3. [+447][-20] Wow, but looking at how a whole lot of people were saying that they look good together in the scene at the dermatology clinic, that the sexual tension between the 2 of them is insane, I guess you can tell from someone’s eyes when they’re in love.

4. [+334][-204] I already sensed it, there is a reason why I seriously didn’t feel anything during Yeojeong and Dongeun’s love scenes. His eyes were lifeless like dead fish eyes whenever he was looking at Dongeun, because his true love is someone else.

5. [+250][-1] It feels like Dispatch released this in a hurry because they didn’t want to miss this exclusive? It doesn’t look like they’ve been dating for long, what a pity… And Lee Dohyun’s enlisting in the army soon too…