BLACKPINK Jisoo Really Looked Like Tang Wei Here

Super gorgeous


1. [+88][-2] A lot of people say Jisoo and Tang Wei look alike, but they really do look alike kekekeke While I was watching <Decision to Leave>, Jisoo kept coming to mind in some scenes.

2. [+74][-1] People have been saying that Jisoo resembles Tang Wei ever since the beginning when she first debuted kekeke She’s really pretty ㅠㅠ

3. [+66][-3] Jisoo’s beauty really stands out in this MV… It’s almost as pretty as a video photobook, she looked beautiful af in every single one of the scenes.

4. [+65][-1] Her aura is insane

5. [+52][-89] But her facial expressions here were so awkward that she gave me goosebumps.