Jin Has Changed

He used to be a ‘Confucian’…. a guy who’s conservative about his upper body…. Now he’s always wearing see-through shirts…. and unbuttoning his shirt all the time……

Yep saranghae


1. [+99][-2] When I first saw this I was like Seojin ah!! (shook) I wanted to say, he’s finally more open about this! keke

2. [+83][-3] Yep saranghae

3. [+62][-2] I hope the runaway button never comes back haha

4. [+34][-1] Seokjinie who used to be like this ha

5. [+31][-2] Bottom comment, look at this keke

The day after his abs pic was posted

6. [+24][-1] If he does this kind of facial expression, how can I fall asleep?

7. [+22][-0] His aura has always been dope. Fxxking sexy.

8. [+20][-1] That’s what I’m saying…;; He used to be this conservative in the past…

9. [+17][-1] He’s getting sexier, love the aura.

10. [+14][-1] I wanna protect this careful guy kekeke

11. [+12][-1] It’s most exciting when conservative boy changes.