Stray Kids’ Felix Covered Jimin’s Solo Song

Jimin appeared on <Pixid>’s Impostor Series a while ago.

A STAY (Stray Kids’ fan) was hyping Felix up

She said something like “Yongbok ah ㅠㅠ your deep voice is insane, ‘Maniac’ was legendary”

But after seeing Jimin, the STAY said her first concert was a BTS concert.

So Jimin asked her “where are you going..” and he continued with a shoutout to Felix, jokingly saying “Yongbok-nim,  I’m not stealing her from you… She left home, so I’m just taking her back. Please be understanding.”

And today, Felix uploaded a cover of Jimin’s solo song with a caption saying I’m Felix, ‘Yongbokie’ kekekekeke Cute

No matter how hard y’all try to come between BTS & SKZ, they’re gonna joke around with each other, do covers of each other’s songs and get along well~~


1. [+59][-2] Did the provincial fan save the country in her previous life.. getting mentioned by both Park Jimin and Yongbokie. Fml, I’m so jealous

2. [+46][-2] Film the challenge together, right now

3. [+43][-3] Please love our baby Yongbok, he’s an angel

4. [+41][-4] Ah, after watching that, I started becoming damn fond of Yongbok-nim, fxxk ㅠㅠ He’s cute af

5. [+37][-2] He’s cute ㅠㅠㅠ I like him