Am I the Only One Who Finds it Troublesome to Contact Friends?

I find it troublesome to stay in touch with my friends..

It’s not like I have many friends 

But now that I’m in my 30s, even frivolous talks are not fun..

I just go to work and enjoy my hobbies

It’s more comfortable to be alone, and it’s troublesome to meet up with friends

Sometimes I just ask my friends how they’re doing, but that’s it

If they’re like “let’s meet one day”, even if I’m like “yea” I can’t be bothered to actually arrange the meetup..

Actually everyone’s doing well and nothing much is going on. 

It’s always the same convo: “How are you?”, “Good, you too? Nothing wrong right?”, etc.

Since they’re pretty close friends of mine, I should still ask them how things are going

But it’s troublesome.. And what’s wrong with not doing it.. But yea.

I’m still single, but it’ll just get worse if I get married, and even worse if I have children haha

I liked hanging out with my friends when I was young though


1. [+249][-45] Just don’t invite them when you get married

2. [+205][-35] It’s possible to have thoughts like OP’s. Looks like there are loads of kids in the comments who will die without friends. Making friends to bring them to your own events? I have kids and a husband, but I think like OP. Everyone is different.

3. [+161][-12] Even though everyone is busy, they try to make time and work hard to care for friends. That’s how a strong relationship that’s dangerous for the heart is formed. Do you devote your love and time only to marry a man and have children? It’s an easy problem. If you don’t need it and you find it annoying, you can lose it. People who don’t have friends say it’s okay not to have friends, it’s different for each person. There’s no problem at all. Just don’t look for them when you have a hard time and you feel sad after losing them. *clap clap*

4. [+149][-65] These kids are gonna contact their friends frantically when something happens to them.. Well, if you’re not gonna invite your friends to your wedding and you’re gonna hold your parents’ funeral by yourself quietly, then fair enough.

5. [+104][-3] Are all the people here keeping their friends on the hook just so they can invite them to their congratulations and condolences in the future like their weddings and funerals? LOLLL Wonder how tiring it is to live that kind of life LMAOO Genuinely though, y’all be keeping your friends on the hook cos you’re fxxking afraid that you won’t have anyone to invite to your congratulations and condolences? not even something nice LMAOOOOOO