How is Taeyang’s Song Feat. Jimin?

I think this duo is better than I thought, and I think it’s easy to listen to the song cus it has R&B vibes, so I like it.
(The bottom pic is not photoshopped, it’s their 2-shot that was uploaded today!)


1. [+470][-143] It’s relaxing and easy to listen to 

2. [+447][-132] It’s upbeat af, makes me wanna go for a drive

3. [+438][-120] The song is good, but it’s really short. I want to hear more.

4. [+436][-127] It was great. I heard it came out so I watched the music video

5. [+325][-458] I wish they would release a version with only Taeyang singing. To be honest, the difference in skills is too much. After Jimin came out, the excitement stopped completely.