EXO Kai at the Gucci Show in Milan

23.01.13 Gucci kicked off Milan Fashion Week yesterday

Gucci’s official account announces the arrival of Kai

Video clip footage

I was lying down and I jumped up after watching the clip of Kai

And after that, I couldn’t lie down again for a long time

He’s so awesome

Apparently this is his 5th time attending

His attitude is cool

Getty images – good good good

*Happy Birthday, Kim Kai*


1. [+83][-4] It’s really amazing how he’s been Gucci’s Global Ambassador for 5 years

2. [+75][-4] Gucci gifted these to Kai to thank him for going to Milan, but there’s so much that Kai is surprised haha

3. [+69][-3] Bubble after the show ended. How can fans not love him when he’s like this?


I’m beautiful right?

It’s because of your love – it’s magic

In Milan, some fans were waiting for me outside and I wanted to go up close to see them but ㅜㅜ It really made my day seeing you guys come for me

4. [+62][-3] This person is the CEO of the entire Kering Group, which includes Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Boucheron, and he was sticking to Kai throughout the fashion show keke

5. [+57][-4] Gucci the Kai-baragi (adores Kai and is always looking towards him like how a sunflower follows the sun) is like a dumb parent LOLLLL Showing off on their official account in real-time that Kai came LMAOOOOOOOO