Choi Hyejeong in ‘The Glory’ is Pretty af, No?

Her eyes, nose and lips are so sharp and well-defined, she’s so fxxking pretty. She looks so fxxking good with smoky makeup (is that what it’s called?) and her body is fxxking beautiful.. She’s so fxxking glamorous, and she’s fxxking good at acting too. I feel like she’s damn good at acting vulgar, acting empty-headed with a lack of common sense.


1. [+269][-3] Yo but that person’s body is also fxxking amazing no? In the scene where she stole her outfit, I was just staring at her body, fxxk.

2. [+249][-2] She looks prettier than Yeonjin when she has her hair tied up as a flight stewardess, rather than that short hair.

3. [+217][-2] Not to mention the actress is actually a noe-seg-nyeo (woman with a sexy brain aka attractive and intelligent) and an eom-chin-ddal (mom’s friend’s daughter aka someone else’s kid who’s better at everything)

4. [+205][-2] For real, it’s amazing how she managed to pull off this hairstyle

5. [+108][-0] Actually mad… A freaking hot girl