NewJeans Haerin’s Effort in Taking Hip Selfies.jpg

NewJeans Haerin’s effort in taking selfies in hip poses


Why do I find it cute how her phone is reflected through her sunglasses?

Here too

Taking the hippest selfies in the world


I thought someone was taking the picture for her

But she must have set up her phone in front for selfies kekekekekeke

Just like

A cat


cute cute

FYI, the puppy’s name is Banggeul-i

My dear, I love you♡

You’re cute no matter what you do♡

+ Someone put Ciao Churu in front of Haerin’s billboard somewhere outdoors in Japan outdoor

The most human-like of all cats


1. [+24][-1] This is seriously insane, she’s so cute

2. [+13][-1] Aw kekeke Haerin is so cute

3. [+9][-1] Churu kekekekekekekekekekekeke cute kekeke

4. [+5][-1] She’s totally a cat kekeke She’s really cute

5. [+5][-0] Kang Haerin is really like a kitten