I Don’t Believe in The ‘First Song of The New Year’ Thing

I listened to ‘As You Wish’ (WJSN) and ‘Happiness’ (Red Velvet) at the start of the year, but this year I was diagnosed with depression and had to drop out, fxxk kekeke


1. [+37][-0] But I think the side effects of the ‘first song of the new year’ are quite strong. Someone listened to ‘I am the Best’ (2NE1) and they left their house.

2. [+31][-0] zzz What’s with the comments below? Are ‘As You Wish’ and ‘Happiness’ cursed?

3. [+29][-0] I listened to ‘As You Wish’ and got into my first choice university though

4. [+25][-0] I listened to ‘As You Wish’ too, but 2022 was fxxking depressing

5. [+12][-1] As you wish, you dropped out❤️