Let’s Write Down Our ‘Webtoon of Our Life’

Even if it’s not the best webtoon you’ve read in your life, just write down ones that you wanna recommend

Mine is ‘The Whale Star’… I was really sobbing real hard while reading it

Lots of upvotes and comments pleaseee

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1. [+167][-9] ‘After School Lessons for Unripe Apples’

2. [+157][-4] ‘No Home’..

3. [+155][-6] I liked ‘Dear x’ so fxxking much… A similar one that I fxxking like now is ‘Look-Alike Daughter’. It seems like I like the ones that are a bit serious, where the female lead is like a psycho..?

4. [+128][-3] I freaaaaaaaaaking love ‘Daytime Moon’. If you like this one, you’ll enjoy ‘Devil Number 4’ too. Also, ‘Lessa’ has a solid story and I was crying nonstop while reading it

5. [+113][-3] ‘Us on the Water’… I thought it was gonna be healing, but it’s an apocalyptic thriller