TOP 10 Most Followed Instagram Accounts of 2022

#1 V 24.2M

#2 Jungkook 21.1M

#3 Jimin 19.9M

#4 j-hope 17.03M

#5 Jin 17.02M

#6 Sugar 16.3M

#7 RM 15.4M

#8 Lisa 14.3M

#9 Jisoo 13M

#10 Jennie 12.2M


1. [+73][-4] That’s not the actual number of followers, it’s the increase in the number of followers. Lisa has over 80M followers now.

2. [+66][-22] V is V, as expected

3. [+60][-16] I really like how V communicates well with fans through his Instagram stories. His feed is pretty too.

4. [+53][-13] For real, V seems to be a hot topic

5. [+29][-0] It’s only been a year since BTS opened their personal Instagram accounts, that’s impressive