Review of Yesterday’s Gayo Daejeon

LE SSERAFIM – Huh Yunjin’s vocals and Kazuha’s ballet really fxxking tore up the stage

I stan another group, but they made the strongest impression on me

Yeonjun – Haa, he was dancing with neon pants, and he danced so well. His Run BTS challenge is the best

TXT – ‘DNA’ was really daebak. ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ (?) was cool too

Cha Junhwan / Sunghoon – I was watching the VCR and I was all moved and burst into tears

Cha Junhwan is damn good-looking, he looked like an idol

ATEEZ – Their live performance was awesome. 

Jongho was singing high notes in the end. His voice was really loud and he sang fxxking well.

(G)I-DLE – Miyeon and Shuhua are so damn pretty

Stray Kids – This was my first time hearing the song ‘Christmas EveL’ and I liked it

Yongbokie is the cutest

NewJeans – ‘Tell Me’ Kang Haerin was insane

The Boyz – A good-looking guy performed with Jaurim afterwards

I looked it up and found it was Jacob. He’s really so fxxking good-looking

NCT – My friend is a Czennie, so I know all the members, 

DREAM’s ‘Candy’ was really so fxxking cute. Renjun’s damn adorable and super good-looking

127 sings well live. Mark was cool

These were the most memorable ones

According to “my” standards:

Renjun and Jacob were the most handsome, Miyeon and Haerin were the prettiest



1. [+61][-12] I just followed a friend, but NCT 127’s live performance was really dope. I used to have a bit of a bias against SM idols, but that completely broke down. Also, Danielle and Haerin from NewJeans were really pretty, Cha Eunwoo was fxxking amazing. Ahh in terms of visuals, THE BOYZ and NCT 127 stood out to me, Yeonjun’s proportions were no joke as well. DREAM’s song was good too. And also, Jang Wonyoung’s proportions are just beyond human. Well, I guess that’s about as much as I can remember.

2. [+45][-13] I enjoyed listening to NMIXX and ITZY’s live.. For (G)I-DLE, Miyeon and Soyeon were fxxking good. Among all the girl groups, it seemed like (G)I-DLE and NewJeans had the loudest cheers. THE BOYZ is freaking handsome. SKZ, THE BOYZ and NCT had so many fans. And fromis_9’s fanbase was just entirely guys, for real. Kazuha, Miyeon and Haerin were damn pretty. Although people mention these three a lot, I personally gasped when fromis_9 Lee Seoyeon was captured on camera during the ending.

3. [+35][-9] ATEEZ tore up the stage. The main vocalist Jongho sang really well.

4. [+30][-11] SKZ did really well.

5. [+21][-6] For real, l also remember Renjun and Yeonjun the most.