Choreos Like Modern Dance Suit ENHYPEN Sunghoon Perfectly

Maybe it’s because he’s a figure skater, he pulls off choreos that feel like modern dance well

And Park Sunghoon’s aura seems perfect for songs like ‘Black Swan’ that he performed at Gayo Daejeonㅠ

He’s damn good at controlling powerful moves while being fluid and soft too

ENHYPEN Sunghoon


1. [+47][-1] Park Sunghoon is the best!!!

2. [+45][-1] I fell for Park Sunghoon after watching his ‘Black Swan’ stage performance

3. [+44][-2] Sunghoon’s modern dance is insane…

4. [+39][-1] I fxxking love his cold aura

5. [+28][-0] Park Sunghoon’s dancing is elegant and amazing.. Like, his moves feel elegant and bougie…