If I did this pose, I would look like Kim Yongmyung (the comedian) 

I still haven’t gotten my life together……

I’m so confused…….

I wanna become a girl who shares gas bills with him every month.

(Oops, I said that out

Haaaa Saranghae


1. [+110][-2] Looks like he’s saying ‘did you drink too much?’, for real.

2. [+126][-6] He seriously looked like a hot university sunbae who came to pick up his drunk girl..

3. [+70][-4] Do you always drink too much like this, Kim Pann-fans?

4. [+53][-1] I always feel this way, but he’s the most good-looking guy out there.

5. [+40][-1] And his skin still looks so good even without any edits.

6. [+40][-0] Feels like a boyfriend.

nct jaehyun

7. [+15][-0] September 17, NCT 127 comeback! That’s the face of Jaehyun who’s making a comeback. That is the image of a Jung Jaehyun who’s excited while filming for a radio schedule. Cute.

8. [+13][-0] I wonder what it’s like to be able to heat up a community 9with just your face?

9. [+12][-0] Ha, lets get married.