What Should I Do With SEVENTEEN Jun?

He’s good-looking… Actually, I’ve been trying out my interest in him ever since the (HYBE) picnic, but the more I look at him, the closer I am to leaving my fave for him because he’s too good-looking.

I’d like to get more photos of him, but I’ll go to FanTalk as much as I can for that.


1. [+20][-0] No but he really looks so fxxking good…….

2. [+11][-0] Our Jjunie.. whose face can be seen in high-res even from a distance.. Please love him

3. [+9][-0] Junranghae Hwiranghae

4. [+8][-0] Moon Junhwi is really so damn handsome

5. [+5][-0] Jun is really good-looking. He has good proportions too, and because he has long arms and legs, his fancams are fun to watch.. Especially his ‘Hit’ fancams are a must-watch. Feels so good seeing him dancing in the center.