The Busiest High School Girl in the World These Days

Last Friday, she performed at the AKARAKA Yonsei University festival

After that, she went straight to Incheon International Airport and departed for Paris.

She arrived in Paris on Saturday

With no time to adjust to the jet lag, she attended the Fashion Week for two days as an ambassador for FRED.

Last night, she boarded a flight to Korea

When she arrives in Korea today, she will be performing at university festivals at Ajou University, Chungbuk National University, Chungnam University, and Sungkyunkwan University starting tomorrow

She would (probably) have to practice the choreo for the Music Bank MC special stage on Friday.

When that’s over, there will be a fansign event on Saturday

And after the fansign, she’s leaving again for the Paris Fashion Week next week

This time, she’s attending as the ambassador for Miu Miu 

Once she returns to the country, there will be 2 university events, festivals, and awards ceremonies waiting for her

Jang Wonyoung IVE


1. [+101][-4] That’s mad, when does she sleep..

2. [+73][-31] She’s the second idol since IU that made me really look forward to the rest of her activities and I’m curious to see how she grows ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+70][-5] It must be really, really tough, but she’s always smiling at the fans and doing fan service at the airport. She’s really… a god baby….

4. [+58][-4] Wow… She’s already super busy now – when she becomes an adult… *shook*

5. [+55][-2] It’s like that for An Yujin who’s in the same group as her too. After the concert in Germany, she went to Thailand for ‘Earth Arcade’ filming, and she attended the university festivals after returning to the country. I think all of them should take care of their health.