Why Does NCT Jaehyun Look More Handsome Without Stage Makeup?

Normal stage makeup

Off stage

Both look good, but I think Jung Jaehyun looks really good with light makeup.. What could be the reason.. Is it a matter of personal preference?

What do y’all think?

He looks more handsome with light makeup – upvote

He looks more handsome with stage makeup – downvote


1. [+21][-1] He seriously looks good with both

2. [+21][-1] His bareface looks way better, for real. Can tell just from watching his Insta lives….

3. [+16][-3] I never liked NCT, and I even stopped following K-pop, but I wish Jaehyun filmed a drama – I want to keep seeing that face… for real.

4. [+7][-0] His visuals are fxxking awesome

5. [+4][-1] Please film one more drama…