NCT did an Instagram live

His eyes were so fxxking swollen they turned into monolids

They said they REALLY went on live right after they woke up (MT concept)

Lastly, he used his hoon-nam (handsome, kind guy) skill 

when he was pulling a serious face.. (not fully awake to get his joke keke)

He was fxxking like Jaehyun sunbae today..

After styling (probably)


1. [+105][-4] No but how is this barefaced. He’s seriously fxxking handsome.

2. [+87][-5] This would be the vibe if Jung Jaehyun had monolids.

3. [+83][-4] After styling for going on a blind date with Kim Pann-nyeos.

4. [+40][-0] I’ve been waiting for this comeback and it’s legendary.

5. [+39][-1] .

Jung Jaehyun’s specialty: if you don’t laugh at his joke -> he seduces you with his beauty

6. [+38][-0] Hoon.. nam (handsome, kind guy) skill

7. [+30][-1] Seriously, is there any girl who wouldn’t fall for him when he’s smiling like that…. If I were him, I fee like I’d be fxxking in love with my own charm.

8. [+27][-12] 

9. [+20][-0] The 3 of them are fxxking c u t e.

10. [+19][-0] No but why is he still handsome when his face is swollen.

11. [+15][-0] No but he suddenly relaxed his serious facial expression and fxxking pulled a smile, this is really…. insane…. I really fainted.