I’ll Tell You About NCT 127’s Looks IRL

I went to the Gwangju fansign today and I saw them from the 2nd to 3rd row ish on their way to work


Good fan service. He has sharper features than in photos. His jawline is no joke.


Guys, you gotta see Taeil in real life. I never thought he’s good-looking when I saw him in photos, but he’s good-looking.


His eyes are really big. Even if I try to look at everyone in 127, he really really stands out. My eyes keep following him because he has really big and strong features. He’s fxxking good-looking,


Why is he an unpopular member?? He’s good-looking. I thought he had a long face from photos, but it’s not that long. He’s handsome.


keke He keeps getting up kekekeke His eyes are really big and round

His mouth is round, his nose is round, and his face is round too. I also never thought Haechan was handsome, but he is. His face is so damn tiny. He’s really cute. He has a total baby face. He’s just like a high schooler. 


He’s really fair-skinned. He’s fxxking good-looking. I couldn’t see Jaehyun very well.

But his skin is really..


He’s just a prince.. I think there will be a lot of Johnny stans after this fansign

He’s fxxking cool.. and good-looking ㅜㅜ


He’s really beautiful and skinny. Really pretty, he’s really pretty.


Cute. His cheekbones (?) caught my eye more. He didn’t look much different from photos.

I’m not a Haechan stan. I stan another group. I just followed my friend and watched along. 

Haechan really isn’t photogenic.

I couldn’t see Taeil, Jaehyun, and Mark from my seat.


1. [+16][-1] Yuta is so good-looking irl you’ll go ‘omg’. Irl he looks something like this pic if not even better.

2. [+16][-4] I agree that ‘Haechan looks like a high schooler’

3. [+12][-10] Taeyong keke

4. [+7][-10] A Haechan stan wrote this kekekekekekekekeke

5. [+5][-0] I wanna see Yuta in real life too