Jisoo’s Recent Fansign Event That Eventually Crossed the Line

She looks so pretty in press photos – isn’t that crossing the line?

I added homma photos too!!!


1. [+46][-6] For real, I can only admire her unique aura and beauty that is impossible to achieve with plastic surgery.

2. [+34][-4] I love MBC, seriously

3. [+27][-4] I can really see Tang Wei (Chinese actress) in her. Lisa and Komatsu Nana have similar facial features, but Jisoo and Tang Wei have a similar aura… I wonder if it’s because I just watched ‘Decision to Leave’ (SK film starring Tang Wei and Park Haeil) yesterday, that’s why they look extra alike to me

4. [+19][-8] Jisoo is on another level, even within BLACKPINK

5. [+15][-1] Tang Wei vibes