NCT Jungwoo is Really So Cute

These are from the Gwangju fansign today. When he looks at the fans his eyes are so bright and he’s like a puppy…


1. [+41][-1] Ha…… That kind of look in his eyes is really exhilarating … That’s the kind of look idols should have in their eyes when they see their fans….

2. [+35][-1] What’s with that hair kekekekekeke I’m not a fan of his, but he really looks like a real puppy

3. [+33][-1] How can a person… look like a puppy…

4. [+27][-0] He’s really a Seasonies akgae ㅠㅠㅠ Every time he sees Seasonies, he’s so happy that he turns into a puppy with his tail turning like a helicopter..

5. [+21][-1] You’re cute, Kim Jungwoo