How is NMIXX’s New Song ‘Dice’??

Maybe because it’s a mix-pop this time as well, that’s probably why the vibe seems to change in the middle? How do y’all find it??


1. [+576][-12] If this is the case, isn’t it employment fraud – aren’t the NMIXX girls being scammed? They must’ve practiced as a trainee while watching TWICE and ITZY.. If they keep releasing songs like this, the public will slowly start to weed them out though… If their next song is like this as well, JYP’s title of ‘Girl Group Master’ will disappear.

2. [+424][-13] How can they be given a fxxking song like this… The girls must’ve been like ‘omg damn it’ when they heard it for the first time

3. [+298][-9] Please… It has to be a song that appeals more to the public for them to rise.

4. [+290][-12] There is not a single part that sticks to my head

5. [+250][-3] If I were them I’d be hit hard by reailty. Like, other people are showing their cool or fresh and pretty charms as much as possible with ‘Eleven’ and ‘Love Dive’, ‘Black Mamba’ and ‘Next Level’, ‘Attention’ and ‘Hype Boy’, but..