At that time Taeyongie was still small and didn’t know about the V-gesture, so his noona asked him ‘how old is Taeyongie~’ and Taeyongie put 2 fingers up while saying ‘Taeyongie is 2yo’.


1. [+189][-2] According to other members, Taeyongie is the most ordinary-looking in his family.

2. [+147][-1] Since he’s 2yo so she tried to make him do the V-gesture by asking him ‘how old are you~’ but Taeyongie thought he’s 1yo instead so he said ‘1yo!’ while putting 1 finger up, and it failed.

3. [+135][-1] I’m really curious about this family’s genes… Taeyong said his father is more handsome than him.

4. [+59][-0] Wow his noona was already pretty when she was a kid.

5. [+42][-0] Because of this family, I’m crying while saying ‘heol cute, heol cute’..

[Breaking News] NCT Taeyong: He showed his family how he looked after getting a haircut recently. His family’s comment, “it’s like seeing your father when he was young”, turned into a hot issue… They proved that genes are the most powerful thing in the world. 

6. [+37][-0] Lee Taeyong is the maknae in his family, fxxking cute.

7. [+28][-0] LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Really daebak.

When he tried on the short hair filter during his V LIVE,

He said, “Oh?! It’s our noona”.

He said his noona still looks exactly like him now.

8. [+27][-0] Wow but his noona looks like Kim Yoojung.

9. [+27][-25] Agree or disagree.

10. [+25][-0] The pic posted on Instagram today.

11. [+24][-0] He’s really so cute……. What should I do…..