Introduction to the Members of the New Girl Group NewJeans

Kim Minji

Born in 2004, Korean


Born in 2004, Vietnamese


Born in 2005, Korean-Australian


Born in 2006, Korean

Lee Hyein

Born in 2008, Korean


1. [+121][-6] Hani doesn’t feel like a Vietnamese at all though?

2. [+93][-5] Wow but the Vietnamese girl doesn’t look like a Vietnamese. At first I thought she’s Korean.

3. [+48][-22] Wow, a Vietnamese member is so extraordinary. I think she will be a role model for children from multicultural families.

4. [+46][-2] But the Australian girl kinda doesn’t fit in with the visual combo of the group,,,

5. [+38][-1] Why does Hani and Minji look so alike? I thought they’re the same person.