Compilation of 4th Gen Girl Groups’ Middle School Graduation Photos 

* Excluding members without middle school graduation photos. These are mainly visual members

+) Bonus: Gathered a few more

ITZY LOONA STAYC IVE NMIXX aespa NewJeans Le Sserafim Billie


1. [+64][-42] I think Le Sserafim Kim Chaewon is the legend when it comes to graduation photos

2. [+49][-7] I saved Sullyoon’s primary school graduation photo as well because she looks really pretty kekekeke

3. [+11][-4] 4th gen girl groups are really legendary

4. [+11][-1] Wow they’re all so pretty. Female idols from this generation are all really pretty..

5. [+9][-2] Yuna and Ryujin are really peng….