Honestly, is the 4th Gen Not Legendary?

The 3rd gen was all about the big 3 (agencies) but I think the 4th gen is really a legendary ‘red ocean’ (super competitive). Even though aespa and IVE are basically confirmed to be on the top, there’s still LE SSERAFIM with members from I.O.I, there’s NewJeans, there’s NMIXX and ITZY from JYPE, there’s STAYC, and if YG’s BAEMON makes their debut as well, shit.. I like it. I think the quality of music will improve A LOT with the competition.


1. [+43][-1] Only limited to girl groups

2. [+26][-4] And amidst that, Red Velvet and BP who are still standing strong are really like the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods.

3. [+23][-0] For real, even though K-pop is not in its prime right now, girl groups are in their prime for sure. Even the 3rd gen girl groups are still doing well.

4. [+7][-2] But they’re still not as legendary as the 2nd gen girl groups like KARA, Wonder Girls, SNSD, 2NE1, SISTAR, After School, Girl’s Day, miss A, 4Minute, Secret, T-ARA, f(x), etc. no?

5. [+3][-1] There’s no boy group who opened the door to the 4th gen like how EXO did for the 3rd gen..