Ok these are actually photoshopped keke

Ahh seriously, why do I like female idols with short hair so much?ㅠㅠ

So, let’s do a female idol short hair pic sharing party.

Post pictures of female idols whom you think suit short hair best!


1. [+168][-13] Son Seungwan

2. [+88][-39] IU

3. [+81][-52] If we’re talking about short hair ofc it’s gotta be Winter.

4. [+57][-9] This is hella pretty.

5. [+52][-8] Jihyo


4. [+52][-12] Eunha suits short hair too keke

7. [+35][-10] Jung Eunha with black short hair, I love it so much.

8. [+34][-8] Yeri

9. [+30][-4] Blue-haired Ryujin