Compilation of Miyeon’s Ending Cuts During Her 1st Week of Solo Debut

She’s really so pretty. I was mesmerized by her stage performances because she’s too beautiful.

M Countdown

Music Bank

Music Core


Miyeonie who uploads selcas after every music show

Super great job♡

20220428 @ #MCOUNTDOWN

Princess Miyeon’s M Countdown Comeback Stage

Neverlands! I hope you enjoyed Miyeon’s stages for the title track ‘Drive’ and also ‘TE AMO’ – a gift for Neverlands.

20220429 @ #MUSICBANK

Looks like the spring fairy Miyeon made a comeback at Music Bank

How was the spring outing with the stages for ‘Drive’ and ‘TE AMO‘?

Thank you for the support today as well, Neverland.

20220430 @ #MUSICCORE

Ding dong~! Your present has arrived

Today, Miyeon gifted Neverlands with a stage for ‘Drive’ at Music Core

Please look forward to gift Miyeon’s solo promotions in the future

20220501 @ #INKIGAYO

1st week music show promotions have ended with Miyeonie’s Inkigayo ‘Drive’ stage

which makes you wanna go on a drive even just for a short while

Hope you enjoyed the LAN cable (online broadcast) drive together with Miyeon

Please check out every single Miyeon stage

She’s really so pretty and she’s good. She’s the best. Miyeonie is the besttttttttttttt!!!!!!


1. [+15][-2] Our lovely cutie♡♡

2. [+14][-3] Super pretty baby…

3. [+4][-0] Insane ㅜㅜ

G-idle Miyeon solo performance cute pretty

4. [+3][-0] Insane, check out Music Bank…

5. [+2][-0] I’ve been looking at lots of Miyeon pics recently and I’m realising how pretty she really is.