The Moment When You Finally Admit You Have a Crush on Someone After Being in Denial


1. [+452][-2] When I’m looking for them in the viewers list of my Instagram story…

2. [+305][-15] You’re so talented in making me nervous just by looking at the title…

3. [+186][-1] When I’m subconsciously looking at my crush during lessons

4. [+173][-0] Do y’all know that feeling – when tens of people are gathered in the school playground but you can spot your crush right away with one look… For real, you can find them immediately.

5. [+139][-1] When you’re like ‘ahh don’t wanna go to school~’ on a Sunday night and you suddenly feel nervous when you think of them

6. [+124][-0] When I find myself freaking rushing to click onto my crush’s Instagram story the moment it appears kekekekekeke

7. [+105][-0] When I’m reminded of them when listening to sweet songs. For real. Even though it makes me wonder if I’ve gone mad, I really like that thrill, so I just let my delusions unfold.

8. [+94][-2] When I’m reminded of them the moment I saw this post

9. [+91][-1] Whenever the topic is about them, my ears are wide open and I get excited without realising;; I’m usually a boring girl though.

10. [+83][-1] When there are better-looking people but I still think my crush is more handsome in my eyes. When my friends are like ‘hey don’t you think xxx is handsome?’ and I’m like ‘yea sure they are~’ but deep down I’m actually like ‘mhm my crush is more handsome^^’, such nonsense. In my eyes it’s just: my crush >>> Gang Dongwon / Cha Eunwoo.

11. [+71][-1] It’s over when you start thinking they’re cute.