What is your personal beauty preference?

Chic and stylish kind of pretty, upvote.

Warm, adorable and lovely kind of beauty, downvote.


1. [+80][-3] In photos and drawings, the first is better but in real life, the second type is hard to resist.. just my personal opinion.

2. [+67][-19] For the second vibe, there are many people around me who have that regardless of whether they are pretty or ordinary; but I rarely see people with the first kind of beauty.

3. [+13][-0] Actors usually look more chic like Han So-hee…. but idols look more lovely like Twice.

4. [+11][-0] Personally, no.2 seems more popular with men.. it has the first love feeling.

5. [+8][-7] 1 has a cold feeling but 2 has feeling that’s warm like spring. In general, I prefer 2 because it’s kinda adorable.