Both (G)-IDLE Miyeon & Shuhua are Really Pretty But in Different Ways

Miyeon is like the standard type of beauty – she’s just freaking pretty, like Goryeo celadon (porcelain).

Shuhua is like the pure and innocent type of beauty – her vibe is just freaking beautiful and she’s cute too.


1. [+76][-9] I find Shuhua’s vibe really pretty ㅠ She’s like a Taiwanese movie female lead. This is a pre-debut  pic of her.

2. [+46][-9] This is my favourite close-up magazine shot of Miyeon kekekeke Goryeo celadon

3. [+34][-9] Whenever I see Miyeon my heart just won’t stop pounding.. How can she be so beautiful?

4. [+15][-1] This can be considered a legendary photo of Shuhua;; Fxxking pretty.

5. [+14][-0] So cutee