Am I the Only One Who Thinks Kazuha’s Eyes Look Better Now

If she gets plastic surgery in the future, the pleasantly simple vibe she has now will disappear…

I think she actually looks better with smaller eyes


1. [+161][-0] Those who are telling her to get double eyelid surgery really don’t know their shit.. They don’t care about vibe / individuality. Even if you give them a dog, as long as they have big eyes and they have an ‘Instagram kinda face’, they’ll really like it

2. [+94][-0] Agreed. The harmony between her facial features rn is fxxking high-level. If she gets double eyelids, it will really break that harmony..

3. [+70][-0] Agreed. The moment she gets plastic surgery, the pure and innocent vibe she has now will disappear.

4. [+38][-2] Personally, I think she’s the prettiest in Le Sserafim.

5. [+23][-0] I’m sick of big round eyes achieved by double eyelid surgery. Kazuha’s eyes now look pretty.