Le Sserafim is Better Now with 5 Members

The visual combo is way better and it looks clean now that Kim Karam is gone.

Na-Garam, nagara (pun – nara means to leave in Korean)


1. [+828][-38] Promote them after she quits.

2. [+763][-276] Whether Kim Garam is in the group or not, I just don’t want to spend my money on Le Sserafim..

3. [+616][-31] The group formation looks a lot prettier now, and Eunchae didn’t have many parts but it’s better now since she took Kim Garam’s centre parts.

4. [+224][-4] Defo can’t support them until she leaves.

5. [+118][-36] But even if Kim Garam is gone, I don’t want to spend money on them because of Sakura.