I Hope Jang Wonyoung Switches To Another Beauty Salon

She really looks way prettier without makeup. Her makeup here is so old-fashioned and bad it annoys me so much.


1. [+51][-1] The tone doesn’t suit her. I saw in some YT vid, during ‘Panorama’ her makeup was bright-coloured but they toned down her makeup these days, and they’re following the lip overlining trend. Wonyoungie suits bright, cool-tone makeup. And also, please stop making her wear that kind of coloured contact lenses.

2. [+32][-2] I saved this pic not long ago. Compared to that kind of strong, full makeup, I think Jang Wonyoung suits this kind of makeup more. 

3. [+16][-0] She’s still pretty no matter what they put on her, but I feel like her hair, makeup and outfits these days don’t really suffice to bring her visuals to life. Personally I think her hair, makeup and outfits during the second half of her IZ*ONE era were legendary.

4. [+14][-3] That’s what Jang Wonyoung wants.
5. [+8][-1] I’m frustrated because the same thing is happening to my bias. Way prettier barefaced.